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28th Oct 2021

Woman sneakily uses mirror to catch her boyfriend looking at other women on Instagram

Kieran Galpin


Bad boyfriend or damage control expert?

Some relationships are full of secrecy – but one woman has solved that issue by using a hand mirror to spy on her boyfriend while he is using his phone.

TikTok user Tiffanykristenxo was sick of not being able to see what her partner was doing on his phone – so she did what anyone would do in her situation and created an elaborate spying technique to catch her boyf in action.

@tiffanykristenxo What should I do guys ? #cheater #cheatersgetcaught #comedy ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Whilst lying on the sofa, her partner’s head by her feet, Tiffany used her toes to position a handheld mirror in precisely the correct spot. From this angle, she was able to see everything on her partner’s phone. That’s some dextrous toes.

Tiffany caught her partner looking at pictures of women on Instagram – which arguably is a fairly normal thing to do in any non-toxic relationship. However the questionable behaviour is not in the content he chooses to view – but instead his reaction when questioned.

When prompted to divulge what he was looking at, the boyfriend bluntly replied: “Cars”. Tiffany dug a little deeper and asked what kind of cars, to which he replied bluntly once more with “exotic”. Conversation is clearly not this guy’s forte.

The boyfriend claims he has always wanted an exotic car while simultaneously zooming into pictures of women in bikinis. Keeping her cool, the most understandable girlfriend quizzes him further. Instead of coming clean, the boyfriend switches onto another app and shows her a picture of a blue Bugatti.

Rather than call it quits and switch onto more appropriate viewing material, he jumps straight back to binging bikini pics.

“Yeah he isn’t cheating but he is still lying pretty creatively to avoid showing her,” wrote one TikTok fan.

But not everyone thinks he is in the wrong.

“Probs couldn’t be arsed to argue over Instagram, some girls be crazy,” wrote one evidently gaslighting master.

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