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08th Apr 2024

Man wanted to surprise girlfriend on birthday but caught her cheating instead


‘I didn’t expect this scene’

A man who planned to surprise his girlfriend with some flowers ended up catching her cheating instead.

In pictures shared on social media, the man can be seen with some flowers in hand, ready to give to his partner.

But if you look closer, you can see a nasty shock for him in the background – his girlfriend in the arms of another man with her legs wrapped around him.

The man captioned the post: “Today is my girlfriend’s birthday, so I thought of giving her a surprise. I didn’t expect to see this scene.”

The man had bought flowers to surprise his girlfriend with

In another picture, the man appears to tear up after seeing the upsetting scene.

He appeared to get emotional

This isn’t the most dramatic cheating story though. No, that honour probably goes to this man who decided to expose his wife’s affair with a video at their wedding.

The wedding party in China can be seen reacting in disbelief after the bedroom scene, featuring the bride and her new husband’s brother-in-law, plays out from a projector at the couple’s reception.

The disgraced woman then throws her bouquet at her husband as he can be heard shouting: “Did you think I didn’t know about this?”

The video was recently shared on TikTok where it shocked many, clocking up over 18 million views and thousands of comments.

Most of the commenters were on the groom’s side, saying the bride “got what she deserved”. “Best revenge – in front of all their family and friends,” one user wrote.

“Honesty, I am this petty and would 1000 percent do this,” another said. “Man stood there knowing the calamity he’s about to cause,” someone else added.

Other viewers were confused why the man bothered getting married only to blow the whole thing up: “Isn’t this at the party so doesn’t that mean they already said I do?” one person said.

“Why’d he go through with the wedding?” another asked.

“So why did he waste all that money on the wedding?” one man wrote.

Reporting on the video at the time, Asia One noted that the unnamed couple had been together for two years and were engaged for six months before their big day.

It was also claimed the bride had “suffered domestic violence” at the hands of the groom and had sought comfort with his sister’s husband.

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