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26th Nov 2021

Woman left devastated when nobody turned up to her Friendsgiving

Kieran Galpin


At least the story has a happy ending

A woman was left utterly devasted after her friends ghosted the Friendsgiving celebration she had put a lot of effort into hosting at her home.

Sharing the story on TikTok – also known as the internet’s support room – the woman’s boyfriend captioned the video, “I’m so sad for her.”

The video shows a basement completely decorated, food made by hand and @kidalloy’s poor girlfriend sat all alone.

@kidalloy? I’m so sad for her ##friendsgiving ##thanksgiving ##friends♬ Sad Emotional Piano – DS Productions

“My girlfriend was so excited for her first Friendsgiving. But no one showed up,” reads the text on the video.

“She decorated the whole basement and cooked so much food.I keep trying to cheer her up but nothing is working.”

In a later clip, the boyfriend updates the girl’s legion of supporters and explains that they were able to turn the evening around and still have a good time.

He also elaborated on the situation and explained that she believed her friends were merely running late. However, when it reached three hours, his girlfriend realised they weren’t coming.

@kidalloyReply to @aime294 @maryannzizumbo ❤️?##friendsgiving ##update ##part2 ##friends♬ original sound – KIDALLOY

He continued: “She had called me and told me what happened, so I started heading over to her house. On the way there I had called my friends.”

His friends were kind enough to come round and they all showed up for the celebrations.

“They were more than gracious enough to come. They all came, they brought stuff. So it’s like she had her own Friendsgiving. So it was a happy ending towards the end of it.”

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