Robin Williams was the hardest celebrity death to get over, according to Twitter 5 months ago

Robin Williams was the hardest celebrity death to get over, according to Twitter

It's hard to argue with them, to be honest

Social media has been discussing which celebrity they struggled the most to get over and while the list is long and people are clearly grieving for many of their heroes, there is one star that stands out: Robin Williams.


This all started after one woman asked the internet whose high-profile death hit them the most; she answered the country singer John Denver, meanwhile, seemingly everyone else replied with stuff like this:


The 63-year-old comedic genius took his own life on 11 August 2014 and his millions of adoring fans have been mourning him ever since.

Despite always coming across as the ever-happy funny man absolutely teeming with life, Williams had a long battle with mental health issues and substance abuse.


One special connection the actor had, that touched many, was with Koko the Gorilla. The relationship between the two was well-publicised, with the actor visiting the gentle giant throughout her life.

If you haven't seen the full video that this clip is from, be warned, it will probably make you tear up.


One thing we'll always remember him for is Good Will Hunting.

Whenever anyone was unsure if others shared their level of sorrow, the people in the comments were quick to reassure them they absolutely did.


The man had wonderful traits but the contrast between his raw, outward energy and his quiet internal sadness is something that really resonated with people.

Beyond just being sad to see one of their favourite comedians, actors and all-around personalities pass away, people genuinely seem to feel like Williams gave them something and, being in such thankless service, wished they could have given something back to him.

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