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12th Nov 2021

Man calls date ‘c***’ behind her back – but sends her text by accident

Danny Jones

Women exposes man who called her a 'c***' before date on TikTok

Big yikes

A woman has revealed a pretty atrocious text she received from her date minutes before she was due to meet up with him.

Molly Hair was literally just about to get out of the car to meet the mystery man when he accidentally sent the following message to her instead of his friend, she explained on TikTok.

@mollyhairChivalry is alive ##firstdatefail♬ original sound – Rachel Wilson?

First of all, you’ve got to give props to her for not only taking it on the chin but trying to make a joke out of it for the people of TikTok to enjoy – or at least cringe at.

Hair went on to explain the situation in a follow-up video, revealing yet more texts as the foolish fellow attempted to back-pedal and explain his unacceptable behaviour.

@mollyhairReply to @karlskonrad1231 ##greenscreen screenshots from my ##firstdatefail♬ original sound – Molly Hair

As she alludes to, whether her date wanted to excuse his behaviour as joking with a friend or not, he surely can’t be expecting anything other than to be swiftly palmed off.

What’s more impressive on Hair’s part is that she even gives him the time of day to not only explain himself but to then rationalise her own reasons for not taking it any further.

As she says in the second video, “I realise, looking back, I shouldn’t have ended that with ‘I’m sorry’.”

But Hair concludes the man needs to “learn not to throw that around to friends” and has “some growing up to do”.

Well played, Hair.

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