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10th Aug 2021

TikToker known for ripping apart viral hacks now makes millions after losing job

Kieran Galpin

TikTok icon intends to buy his mother a house

Khabane ‘Khaby’ Lame was working as a factory operative before he was made redundant at the start of the pandemic. Naturally, Lame did what many of us also did when Covid hit, he signed up to TikTok!

With 100 million followers, coming in just behind Charli d’Amelio with 122 million, Lame, who moved from Senegal to Chivasso, Italy, has amassed a loyal following for his hilarious takes on other viral videos. His posts, which typically entail ridiculing another TikTok, earn him millions of likes and even more views.

Though Lame says he is earning ‘steadily’, the likes of Charli d’Amelio reportedly earn around $100,000 per post, and though we are not suggesting that Lame earns the same, he is undoubtedly getting rich.

Celebs Life Reel has estimated that Lame’s sizeable following was worth between $13,000 and $22,000 per post. Using this measure, the site calculated Lame’s net worth as being between $1m and $2m. It’s worth bearing in mind this was reportedly the case when his following was “just” 22 million.

@khaby.lameWow I’m so impressed how you drain the pasta!! Don’t you? ? Sono cosi impressionato da come scoli la pasta” tu no??##learnfromkhaby ##learnwithtiktok♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

In one video, which garnered 9m likes, someone tries to fit a flat-screen in the back of their car. However, after smashing it up, driving over it with his car, and eventually putting it in the skip, the video cuts to Lame simply putting his back seats down.

In another video, another TikTok user is performing surgery on a handbag to recover the items inside. The video similarly cuts to Lame who then shows the user how to use a zip.

Lame’s signature apathetic smile and shoulder shrug are a staple in many of his videos. “‘Public housing is a place to which I owe everything. They taught me education and allowed me to cultivate many bonds,” he told Olhar digital last year.

@khaby.lameLook Sista??‍♂️ Don’t be nervous, it’s simple??‍♂️Guarda Sorella,non essere nervosa,è così semplice. ##learnfromkhaby ##learnwithtiktok♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

Anyone posting ‘life-hacks’ to the app are Lame’s prime targets, as they are usually things completely doable by much simpler means. So be careful posting extreme reactions and inventions on the app, because you could very well be the next viral moment for this rising star.

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