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20th Oct 2023

Bristol man goes viral for claiming to scrap Mike Tyson in pub

Joseph Loftus

‘Imagine I knock that c*** out’

A Bristol man has gone viral for sharing his story about things getting heated between himself and Iron Mike Tyson.

Talking on the Hurts So Good podcast, the man claims that he was in a pub when Tyson and his entourage came in.

The man, a Bristol ‘gangster’ by the name of Dean Cooper, says Tyson was a huge hero of his when he was young and so when he walked in he approached Tyson and asked could he buy him a drink.

He said: “I’ve got up and said: ‘Hello Mike nice to meet you. I’m a friend of Joe Egan’s, it’s an honour to meet you, would you like a drink?’

“He went: ‘Nah’. He said: ‘Err nah you’re alright’. I said: ‘Listen, I don’t mind buying everyone one’. I said: ‘You’re one of my heroes’. He said: ‘Nah nah you’re alright mate’.

“I thought you f******… Done my head in. Anyway so he ordered a f****** round and then he said: ‘The white boys getting it’. I said: ‘Am I f***’.

“I can’t remember exactly what was said but I grabbed the ashtray and I thought f*** this. So it was a big commotion. They sort of all had him. He was shouting and screaming. I didn’t say no more, I just had the glass ashtray in me hand.”

The man continued, saying: “I was gonna smash him straight in the head with the glass ashtray. About 40 body… security… bouncers or whatever said: ‘You’re lucky’. I said: ‘How am I lucky? I ain’t f****** lucky. He’s expected to knock me out. Imagine I knock that c*** out’.

“So I just thought, what’ve I got to lose. You know, you’re expected to get knocked out, so I thought f*** it, grabbed the ashtray, said he’s having it the c***.

Yes folks those are the fighting words of a middle aged man going up against former unified heavyweight champion of the world, Mike Tyson.

Interestingly, many are debating the legitimacy of the man’s claims.

One person commented: “Think the least believable part is Mike Tyson saying ‘nah you’re alright mate’.”

Another wrote: “I once fought a silverback gorilla after he threw sh** at me. Gave him a few digs, got him in a headlock then slapped him in the crippler crossface. He tapped out, I helped him up, we shook hands & he nodded at me in recognition.”

A third observed: “One of these guys in every pub.”

While a fourth wrote: “Can remember when I met wilder and offered him some walkers cheese and onion crisps he said cor blimey guvnor I’m alright cocker so I spin kicked him in teeth never turn down the king of crisps.”

In fairness this scrap could be the fight to bring boxing back so let’s make it happen.

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