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14th Nov 2019

Frank Skinner on political correctness and lad culture

Nooruddean Choudry

What do you think of PC and lad culture?

Political correctness is a phrase that divides a lot of opinion in society. Coined decades ago, the phrase has come to represent woke culture, offensiveness and people who are out of touch with modern linguistic norms.

What side of the debate you side with depends very much on who you are, and sometimes, your political leanings.

For every person that feels like political correctness is a force for good in a world which has become more tolerant over the years, there’s another person who considers it an attack on our freedom of speech.

JOE met up with comedian Frank Skinner, a man whose comedy has sometimes offended over the years, to discuss whether political correctness is a bane or a boon to our world.

Skinner was a seminal part of the British comedy and culture scene during the 1990s when the new lad culture reared its head. Like political correctness, lad culture is now a topic which provokes as much derision as anything else, and is associated with sexism, homophobia and generally outdated views.

We talked to him about the perception of lad culture, and whether it is truly representative of the young working class men that are regularly associated with it.