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01st Jul 2018

WhatsApp to introduce a new feature that will shake up the group chat

Can you trust the admin of your group chat?

Carl Kinsella

Can you trust the admin of your group chat?

This week, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that will give the person in charge of the group chat much more power…

The new feature will enable a setting where only the admin of a group can send messages to the group.

In a statement published yesterday, the instant messaging giant explained the logic behind the new option:

“Today, we’re launching a new group setting where only admins are able to send messages to a group. One way people use groups is to receive important announcements and information, including parents and teachers at schools, community centers, and non-profit organizations. We’ve introduced this new setting so admins can have better tools for these use cases.”

The feature will be rolled out across phones in the near future. We can certainly see plenty of admins using this new possibility to wreak havoc on their group chats…

To enable this setting, open “Group Info,” tap Group Settings > Send Messages and select “Only Admins.” This setting is rolling out to all users around the world on the latest supported versions of the app.

WhatsApp’s statement on the new feature can be read in its entirety here.