Wetherspoons bans punter after he punches seagull to death for stealing chip 1 month ago

Wetherspoons bans punter after he punches seagull to death for stealing chip

The incident happened near the Lord High Constable pub in Gloucester Docks

A man has been banned from a Wetherspoons pub after punching a seagull to death for reportedly stealing one of his chips.


The incident happened near the Lord High Constable pub in Gloucester Docks, with the bird dying soon after the blow, The Mirror reported.

Wetherspoons said it has reported the incident to police and the RSPCA, who are investigating.

A woman who witnessed the incident is also said to have reported it to police.


The witness, who has not been named, told the Mirror that she turned around in shock when she heard the man strike the bird, as did other people nearby, saying that she heard "the clunk of the gull being hit".

"It sounded like someone had punched a leather sofa with a good wallop,” she said. 

“I turned around as someone asked the man if he had punched the seagull. He did not care though,” he said, 'yeah I did. It nicked one of my chips'."

The woman said she told the man he was  “disgusting and vile.” 


It's thought the seagull was rolling around on the floor for sometime before a member of the public moved it behind a plant pot.

A spokesperson for Wetherspoons told the newspaper that the incident did not happen on its premises, "but the individual will still be barred from returning to the pub".

“The pub notified the RSPCA immediately and the police will also now be notified. CCTV of the incident has been retained and we will assist in any investigation," the pub chain added.

Gloucestershire Police confirmed it received a report about the incident.


The RSPCA has urged anyone with knowledge about the incident to contact it on 0300 123 4999.

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