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04th Apr 2022

UK’s first ever all-season beach to open inside £250 million waterpark with 35 slides

Kieran Galpin


Plans for parks in Scotland, Canada, and Germany are also in the works

A new £250m wellness waterpark will soon launch in the UK that promises an “immersive experience” with over 30 water slides.

The news will be a welcome relief to beach-loving Brits who have been hit with freezing cold temperatures during the last week, but it will be a few years yet before it opens its doors.

Therme Manchester is expected to launch in TraffordCity, next to the Trafford Centre, by 2025. The park’s new CGI renderings show an “urban beach” setting complete with water slides, a well-being spa, and thermal bathing.

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New details announced by the park include botanical gardens and immersive art galleries, all contained in huge glass bubbles, just like Jurassic World.

Park bosses have emphasised that they are not creating a simple water park but “an integrated experience to benefit physical and mental health.”

Designers are really doubling down on the “next generation” element, featuring a 3D printed superstructure to house thousands of plants on the park’s “living waterslides.”

Via Therme

“Our commitment to bring Therme Manchester to the UK is as strong as ever,” Stelian Iacob, senior vice president of Therme Group and CEO of Therme Group UK, told MEN.

“Expert independent studies have shown the hugely positive economic and social impact that Therme Manchester will have, helping to create jobs, economic prosperity, and bringing health and well-being to the daily lives of millions of guests.”


Therme is planning to submit revised plans to Trafford council this summer, with building expected to begin in 2023 and last two years.

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