This Morning fans rage as drunken pool intruders who broke legs on flume threaten to sue waterpark 7 months ago

This Morning fans rage as drunken pool intruders who broke legs on flume threaten to sue waterpark

They say the waterpark was too easy to break into

Fans of This Morning have slammed two friends after they threatened to sue the waterpark they broke into, which resulted in both of them breaking their legs.


Claire Vickers, 46, and her 44-year-old friend Barry Douglas were stuck on a slide for over two hours after they broke into a waterpark in early hours of August 4. Little did they know the slide was closed off at the bottom, resulting in Claire shattering her ankle and her shin bone - which was left poking out of her leg. Meanwhile, Barry broke both of his ankles and his fibular.

Having drank throughout the day, it was Claire's idea to visit the waterpark, which they both insist everyone does. Claire also suggested that something should be done about the accessibility of the waterpark, as one could assume they were powerless against the need to go.


The duo was trapped in the slide, with Barry passed out, until the police were called after reports of kids messing around in the pool.

"They looked down and saw us all mangled up," Claire explained.


The two were taken to hospital and treated, with Barry having to make "serious changes" as he and Claire are in wheelchairs for the foreseeable future.

Neither of the two were prosecuted as criminals; Barry suggested there should have been "better security" at the waterpark as it was "too easy to get into".


They then said they might be taking legal action against the waterpark.

Twitter has been talking about the interview all day, with one person writing: "They're taking legal action? But..they don't have....a leg to stand on.."

"Is this a joke!!! They really trying to make out it not their fault.... Because its too easy to break in & they're was steel barriers," wrote another.


A third wrote: "Wtf have I just watched on #ThisMorning they trespassed for a start. Went on a shut water slide, and then I think I heard him say they are taking action against the water park! So ur suing them!? Mugs."

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