Ukrainian army says 'game over, Russian invaders!' as drone captures tank blown up into a fireball 3 months ago

Ukrainian army says 'game over, Russian invaders!' as drone captures tank blown up into a fireball

The UAV drone footage shows the moment a Russian tank erupts

Recently released drone footage appears to show a Russian tank exploding and erupting into a ball of flames, with the Ukrainian armed forces sharing the clip alongside the caption: "Game over, Russian invaders!"


As per The Independent, the video - which has yet to be verified - shows a drone looking over the Ukrainian frontline near the Donbas region of Donetsk when a Russian tank is detonated and erupts into flames and a cloud of black smoke.

Reshared on Twitter by researcher and PhD student in war studies Rob Lee, you can see the Russian tank destroyed in an instant as it attempts to traverse a dip in the road.


While the drone footage itself - originally sourced via Telegram - has not been independently verified, the video was even shared on Ukraine's Ministry of Defence social media accounts on Tuesday, March 15, along with the caption: "Game over, Russian invaders!... We will win! Glory to Ukraine!"

The clip itself was accompanied by a soundtrack from a Swedish band as the ministry explained that "paratroopers continue to multiply the Moksha army to zero with accurate shots", crediting the 25th Separate Airborne Brigade with blowing up the Russian T-72 tank.

The footage is no longer visible on their profile.


As for the engagement itself, an anti-tank mine is thought to be the most likely form of explosive according to multiple reports - as there are no clear signs of an airstrike or projectile fired from another direction as the vehicle rises out of the ditch.

Over 13,500 Russian soldiers are thought to have been taken out by Ukraine's armed forces, with Zelenskyy citing a similar number just days ago. President Vladimir Putin is also said to have lost his fourth Russian general in less than three weeks since the invasion started.

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