Ukraine’s Twitter compares Putin to Hitler after Russia launch full-scale invasion 4 months ago

Ukraine’s Twitter compares Putin to Hitler after Russia launch full-scale invasion

Putin looks to have brought war back to Europe

Ukraine's official Twitter account has compared Russian President Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler following his decision to launch a full-scale invasion of the country.


Tweeting a political cartoon, the image depicts a tall figure of Hitler looming over a boyish Putin as if to suggest a young protege following in the footsteps of his autocratic father.


Though some might jump to argue that such a bold assessment is still premature, Putin has already warned the West will face "consequences never encountered in your history".

Even prior to his "special military operation", Putin had warned that Europe would be dragged into a fully-fledged conflict were NATO to allow Ukraine membership, adding there would be "no winners".

As you can see, Ukraine's official social media accounts aren't the only ones noting a striking 'resemblance':



There are appear to be thousands of almost identical tweets and posts across social media sharing the same sentiment, with one person writing: "Dear Vladimir Putin, Hitler lost. Signed, the planet Earth".

While Putin suggested he was defending the region of the Donbas - which includes the rebel regions Donetsk and Luhansk - claiming they were subject to "abuse and genocide under the Kyiv regime" - thanks to his long-running reputation of autocratic rule and the threat he poses to the world, he is now being compared to the most infamous arbiter of genocide in history.

Meanwhile, as Ukraine compares Putin to Hitler, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already been compared to Winston Churchill, with one user remarking: "You can tell Johnson is absolutely loving the prospect of war... it gives him the opportunity to act out his biggest Churchill fantasy".

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