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20th Feb 2022

Boris Johnson compared to Winston Churchill amidst tensions with Russia

Kieran Galpin


‘You can tell Johnson is absolutely loving the prospect of war’

As Boris Johnson, as he calls it, “leads” the effort against Russia, people have taken to Twitter to compare him to the late Winston Churchill.

In an interview with the BBC regarding Partygate and tensions with Russia, the Prime Minister said that we could ultimately see “the biggest war in Europe since 1945.” Following his statements, many have taken to Twitter to compare the current PM to the one who saw us through World War II.

“You can tell Johnson is absolutely loving the prospect of war. Not only does it distract from his domestic troubles, it gives him the opportunity to act out his biggest Churchill fantasy,” wrote one user.

Another said: “Boris Johnson thinks himself a Churchill and will pretend to be important in the matters of Ukraine and Russia but Johnson is still lazy, lying ex journalist owned by wealthy men and as corrupt as always.”

Others touched on the idea that Johnson is using the Ukraine crisis as a smokescreen to cover his own wrongs.

“Johnson speaking with increasing certainty about ‘war in Europe’. He’s hyping it up. Desperate for his Churchill moment a) to indulge his delusional fetish, and b) as a distraction from his corruption and incompetence as PM. The irresponsibility is off the scale,” another added.

Journalist Otto English weighed in: “Obviously he’s trying to play movie theatre Winston Churchill. Be lovely if we had a Prime Minister who played themselves instead.”

“I’ve got more faith in Churchill the dog than the PM,” another wrote alongside a gif of Churchill, the bulldog.

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