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15th May 2022

Ukraine wins Eurovision song contest as UK comes in second


It was an incredible performance

Ukraine has won the 2022 Eurovision song contest, with the UK coming in a close second after decades of continuous loss.

Ukraine has arisen victorious after an incredible night of performances from across Europe. While the UK was holding firm at first place during the individual country vote, things took a sudden turn as Ukraine received over 400 audience votes.

Kalush Orchestra performed their folk-rap song Stefania and broke past strong scores from Spain, Moldova and even the UK. Just weeks before the group had been fighting against Russian invaders, according to Sky News.

Speaking of his country’s efforts, Ukrainian President Volodymry Zelenskyy said: “Our courage impresses the world, our music conquers Europe!

“I am sure that our victorious chord in the battle with the enemy is not far off.

“Glory to Ukraine!”

Ukraine has also seen a swell of support online since their victory.

“Burst into tears in the arena at that result. So poignant and so deserved for Ukraine, amazing for the UK and Sweden, 10/10 only notes are more points for Serbia,” wrote one Twitter fan.

“Really happy to see Ukraine win Eurovision,” another said.

But that isn’t to say the win is not without its criticism, with most suggesting that Ukraine was going to win regardless of their performance.

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