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11th Aug 2015

That time Donald Trump took part in the League Cup draw with Saint and Greavsie

Grabbing balls

Simon Lloyd

It’s refreshing to see him grabbing balls instead of…

Donald Trump may be smarting after his third and final US Presidential debate with Hillary Clinton in Las Vegas, but the Republican candidate for the White House once had a far more important things to deal with than competing for the office of Leader of the Free World.

As far-fetched as that sounds, footage has emerged of Trump – complete with physics-defying blonde barnet and smug grin – helping to conduct the 5th round draw of England’s secondary cup competition. Although you may be shocked to discover that he wasn’t Wotsit-orange back then.

During the build up to the 1994 World Cup in America, the clip shows Ian St John and Jimmy Greaves reminiscing about their meeting with Trump, as he gropes for balls for the then ‘Rumbelows Cup’. As you can see, he’s a slightly toned down version of the Mussolini style gurning caricature he has now become.

How times change…