Tory MP says people who don't like Union Jack and the Queen 'should move to another country' 9 months ago

Tory MP says people who don't like Union Jack and the Queen 'should move to another country'

A Conservative MP has suggested that people who are not proud of the Union Jack or the Queen should leave the country after two television presenters made a joke about the British flag

Lia Nici, Conservative MP for Grismby and Councillor for Scartho Ward, on Twitter said: “Of course if people are not proud to be British, or of our flag or Queen, they don’t have to live in the U.K.


“Perhaps they should move to another country if they prefer?”

Her comments come in response to BBC Breakfast presenters Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt making a joke on air about the British flag.

During an interview with housing secretary Robert Jenrick, Stayt said a Union Jack placed next to a picture of the Queen, was “not up to standard size”, adding “I think it’s just a little small, but that’s your department, really” - prompting laughter from Munchetty.

After no response from Jenrick, Munchetty said: "Always a flag, always a flag.


"Did have a picture of the Queen there too, though."

After backlash to the joke, she subsequently tweeted: I 'liked' tweets today that were offensive in nature about the use of the British flag as a backdrop in a government interview this morning.

“I have since removed these ‘likes'.

“This do not represent the views of me or the BBC.

“I apologise for any offence taken.



A BBC source told the Sun: “Naga has been reminded of her responsibilities in relation to her liking some tweets about the comment.”


After the incident, Jenrick tweeted a photo of the flag next to the Queen with the comment: “We’re always proud to fly the Union Flag at @mhclg.

“It’s a symbol of liberty and freedom that binds the whole country together.”

Other Tory MPs took to Twitter complain about the incident, including Tory MP James Cleverly who said bluntly: 'It's not a small flag.


“It's in the far corner of the room.”