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22nd Dec 2021

Tony Blair: ‘You’re an idiot if you’re not vaccinated’

Ava Evans

The former Prime Minister has said if you’re not vaccinated you’re ‘irresponsible’ and an ‘idiot’

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has described the unvaccinated as “idiots”.

In an interview on Times Radio on Wednesday, Blair said: “If you’re not vaccinated and you’re eligible, you’re not just irresponsible, you’re an idiot.”

His comments have received mixed reviews from punters, with some questioning whether the comments were a “helpful message”.

According to analysis by The Times last week, one-third of Londoners are still completely unvaccinated. Proportionally, the population without a single jab is three times as high in London as in the country as a whole.

It is thought low vaccination rates in London could be contributing to the rapid surge in Omicron cases in the capital.

On Monday, 897,979 boosters were administered around the UK, yet 15.1 million people who have had a second jab before the end of September are yet to receive a booster.

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