Tinder CEO Reveals The Thing Everybody Should Do To Find Their ‘Perfect Match’ 4 months ago

Tinder CEO Reveals The Thing Everybody Should Do To Find Their ‘Perfect Match’

It's deceptively simple, too

The boss of Tinder has revealed exactly what you need to do in order to find the perfect match.


Let's face it. There's only so many times you can swipe left before you find yourself genuinely wondering if you'll be alone forever. However according to Tinder's CEO, there is still hope out there for singletons (she probably would say that, but let's hear her out anyway).

Speaking to Reuters about the dating app and its new features, Renate Nyborg revealed her tip for finding 'the one'.

Nyborg said: "If there was one tip I could give to anyone listening today, if you want to find a great match on Tinder, investing a bit of time in completing your profile, adding a video, things like this, this will really help you stand out and give people a sense of who you truly are."

Over 60 per cent of members that joined last year did so because they felt lonely, the CEO revealed.


"They were missing human connection," she said, in a time when the world was constantly going in and out of lockdown.

The Tinder team now feel they have a "tremendous responsibility" to "coach" people coming into the dating sphere for the first time, on "how to behave, how to be a great date, how to be a great partner."

She said they feel the need to coach young people in particular.

Tindercoins is the name of the new feature that will roll out on the app globally over the next few years to supposedly help achieve this goal.


The CEO explained: "Tindercoins is a kind of currency to reward good behaviour and that can mean a whole number of things. It can mean adding more bio-profile information so people know more about who you are. Ultimately this will actually help people find meaningful connections."

Swipe Night is another Tinder feature which aims to connect people - this time based on decisions.

It's a first-person adventure where a user decides what happens next but your choices also dictate who you match with at the end of the journey.

"This is a very exciting way of creating what feels like real-life experience on Tinder," the CEO said.

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