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09th Jan 2023

TikTok reinstates Wakey Wines account and hopes shop ‘continues to use’ the platform

Charlie Herbert

TikTok reinstates Wakey Wines

The latest development in a gripping saga

TikTok has reinstated Wakey Wines on the platform less than a day after removing the shop’s account.

As Prime mania has gripped young kids and teenagers across the UK, the Wakefield shop has shot to internet stardom in recent weeks thanks to the owner, Mohammad Azar Nazir, sharing videos on TikTok with happy customers who have purchased the drink at his shop.

These included videos of people claiming to have spent extortionate amounts at Wakey Wines on the drink, which was created by Logan Paul and KSI.

Recently, Nazir posted a video in which he advertised that his shop was the only in England to have stock of the new Prime Energy cans, adding that he was selling them for £100.

But something about this seemed to get him in a spot of bother with TikTok, with the shop’s account promptly removed from TikTok after the advert.

Now, the account has been reinstated on the platform, with TikTok admitting they “don’t get every moderation decision right.”

In a statement to JOE, TikTok said: “We are open about the fact that we don’t get every moderation decision right and have reinstated the Wakey Wines account. We hope they continue to use TikTok to promote their business.”

TikTok uses a combination of technologies and moderation teams to detect, review and, where appropriate, remove content or accounts that violate its Community Guidelines.

Nazir blamed a “well known influencer trying to tarnish my business” for the ban and claimed his videos were just a bit of fun.

One of Prime’s creators, KSI, has already taken to TikTok to voice his anger at the supposed amounts people are spending at Wakey Wines.

In a video responding to a clip of two women claiming to have spent £1,200 on new Prime Energy cans, he shouted that Nazir “can’t keep getting away with this” and urged people to “stop buying it at these prices.”

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