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09th Jan 2023

Woman pays £1.2k for Prime Energy cans from Wakey Wines

Charlie Herbert

Woman pays £1.2k for Prime Energy cans from Wakey Wines

Stop this silliness now

A woman has decided to spend £1,200 on Prime Energy cans at Wakey Wines.

The drink, created by KSI and Logan Paul, has become one of the most sort after drinks in the country, thanks largely to the popularity of the two YouTubers among teenagers and children, with the pair sharing over 50 million subscribers between them.

But adults are also being sent insane by the drink, and are keen to get their hands on the drink.

In particular, many have been flocking to one shop in Wakefield, Wakey Wines, to fork out sickening amounts for the drink, which should retail at £1.99 a bottle.

In December, a dad spent £1,000 at the shop in December on Prime Energy as a Christmas present for his sons.

Now, one woman has decided to beat this, by splashing an even more ludicrous £1,200 on the new Prime Energy cans.

The women had made the 45 minute journey from Sheffield for the purchase (@wakey_wines01924724141/TikTok)

The shop’s owner, Mohammad Azar Nazir, shared a video with woman and her friend in which they revealed the staggering purchase.

Standing alongside the two women, who had travelled from Sheffield, he asks: “What made you come from Sheffield?”

“I’ve come for my cans of Prime,” the woman reveals, before her friend adds that she’d made the journey for ‘some sweets’.

Placing a hand on the crate, the shopkeeper says: “You’ve got 12 packs and you’ll give me £1,200 for that.”

The shopkeeper then tells the woman she is the first person from Sheffield to make such a large Prime purchase (shock) and thanks her for her spending.

“What’s the best shop in Wakey?” he asks.

“Wakey Wines!” the women shout.

The woman spent £1,200 apparently… (@wakey_wines01924724141/TikTok)

Nazir had previously advertised that his shop was the only in England to have stock of the new cans, and said he was selling them for £100.

But Wakey Wines’ extortionate prices got them in a spot of bother, with the shop briefly being removed from TikTok after his advert.

The account has since been reinstated.

In a statement to JOE, TikTok said: “We are open about the fact that we don’t get every moderation decision right and have reinstated the Wakey Wines account. We hope they continue to use TikTok to promote their business.”

TikTok uses a combination of technologies and moderation teams to detect, review and, where appropriate, remove content or accounts that violate its Community Guidelines.

Nazir blamed a “well known influencer trying to tarnish my business” and claimed his videos were just a bit of fun.

He’s not the only one who saw Prime’s popularity as an opportunity to make some decent profit.

Earlier this year, one Nisa shopkeeper defended his decision to sell bottles of Prime for as much £15 a pop.

Meanwhile, a ‘little Del Boy’ has started selling empty bottles of the drink on eBay for almost 20 percent profit.

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