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13th Nov 2015

This new Facebook feature sounds a lot like Snapchat



Social networking sites are constantly trying to beat each other in terms of innovation and this latest development sees Facebook imitating Snapchat’s disappearing message function.

The company are testing out a new feature which can destroy messages an hour after they are sent. The Independent reports: 

 ‘If the feature is available, users will see a small egg-timer pop up in the top-right of their messages, next to the information button. Pressing that turns it on, and will mean that anything that gets sent will self-destruct, then it can be turned back off in the same way.’

With over 100 million users according to Fortune, Snapchat is becoming one of the most powerful forces in social media so it’s no wonder Facebook are trying to introduce this new feature. 

So far, the company seem to be testing it in France only, but it could be rolled out if it performs well.

We think they would be better off getting rid of that pesky blue thumb.