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07th Oct 2021

There could be a Quality Street shortage this Christmas

Kieran Galpin


Christmas might not be quality this year

The manufacturers of Quality street have warned that Christmas could be very different this year as they are experiencing supply chain issues that could disrupt the festive season.

Quality Street is a Christmas tradition for so many UK families. Whether it be fighting over specific flavours, or leaving the nastiest ones at the bottom of the box, Quality Street squabbles are not guaranteed this Christmas, reports the BBC.

CEO of Nestle Mark Schneider told the broadcaster that it is working tirelessly to make sure its products are on the shelf this Xmas.

Like many other sectors, Schneider reports that a shortage of labour and HGV drivers are the driving factors behind the shortages.

When pushed on whether he could guarantee a Quality Street presence this winter, Schneider said: “We are working hard.”

In the same interview, Schneider talked about the future of the company given the growing threat of the climate crisis and health concerns.

Schneider is currently in the UK to launch plant-based chocolate and milk options which Nestle believes will dramatically reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions. Nestle is also working on a new cattle feed that would tackle the methane problem produced by cows.

“We think less meat and dairy is good for the planet, but it’s also good for diet and health, and it is also a big commercial opportunity,” Schneider said.

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