Teacher beaten by parent on first day of school over mask dispute 11 months ago

Teacher beaten by parent on first day of school over mask dispute

The teacher needed hospital treatment after the incident

A teacher has been left with "lacerations on his face" after they were attacked by a father in a dispute about the school's face mask policy.


The incident occurred at the end of the first day of the return to in-person classes at Sutter Creek Elementary in Sacramento, California.

In a letter sent to parents, the school's superintendent, Torie Gibson, explained what happened.

According to NBC News, she wrote: "As the first day of school comes and goes, there are always hiccups along the way, especially during this trying time.


"Unfortunately, a parent took it upon himself to verbally assault a principal that led to a serious physical altercation between him and a teacher as the teacher intended to protect the principal."

The father was reportedly furious when he saw his daughter leave the school with a mask on her face, causing him to confront the school's principal.

As the argument escalated, a male teacher stepped in to protect the principal. The encounter eventually escalated into a brawl, leaving the teacher bleeding,

Ms Gibson said in the letter to parents that the member of staff received "lacerations on his face, some bruising on his face and a pretty good knot on the back of his head."


He was treated at hospital and released the same day.

The father has now been barred from showing up at the school, with Gibson saying that "assaulting a staff member will never be tolerated on any school campus," and pointing out that mask mandates are "forever changing so understanding current requirements is critical."

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She explained in the letter that it is not the teachers who make the rules regarding mask use, writing: "We are the ones required to follow/enforce them if we want to keep our doors open and students at school five days a week."

The rules from the school's governing body require that all students wear masks while indoors unless they have a medical exemption.

The local police department have confirmed that the incident is under investigation, and have asked for any witnesses with information to come forward.


Gibson confirmed that the school has filed a report to police and will consider pressing charges against the parent once the police have conducted their investigation.