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17th Aug 2021

Taliban reportedly ‘going door to door’ targeting women in crackdown

Danny Jones

Taliban going door to door targeting Afghan women

Women have enjoyed greater freedoms since the Taliban were ousted, but now they’re back, people are fearful for their safety

The Taliban takeover is now complete, the withdrawal of both British and US forces only helping speed the swiftness of their operations. Having taken the presidential palace and the vast majority of the Afghan capital, Kabul, forces are reportedly now being put to work reversing the effects of the post-2004 constitution, most notably women’s rights.

According to Afghan-born activist, Homira Rezai, the Taliban have already begun going door to door, targeting women who had enjoyed more freedoms under the Afghan government.

As you hear in the clip, despite reassurances from the Taliban regime that things will be different this time around, people’s security will be guaranteed and the women will still have “a role” in society – so long as international authorities do not interfere – Rezai does not have any faith that they will live up to any of their promises.

Other journalists have been sharing information regarding soldiers going between houses to target women, as well as governments officials and there have also been reports of militants marking the doors of notable women and female activists with pink marks.

Journalist Amie Ferris-Rotman echoes Rezai’s statement on Twitter. “Over the past hour, several Afghan female friends in Kabul told me the Taliban are in their neighbourhoods, going house to house, looking for women in govt and media, making lists. One sent me a photo from her living room showing armed Talibs outside. “I love you,” she wrote.”

Despite growing concerns for the well being of Afghan women, the Taliban have repeatedly affirmed that their rights will be maintained. In their official press conference, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said: “[We] are committed to the rights of women under the system of sharia [Islamic law]”.

He continued: “They are going to be working shoulder to shoulder with us. We would like to assure the international community that there will be no discrimination.”

“We are going to allow women to work and study within our frameworks. Women are going to be very active within our society, within our framework.”

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