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18th Dec 2023

Suella Braverman given ‘d**k of the year award’ in humiliating prank

Charlie Herbert

Suella Braverman accepts 'd**k of the year award' in humiliating prank

‘That’s going to go viral now’

Suella Braverman was tricked into accepting the 2023 ‘D**k of the Year Award’ in an embarrassing prank.

The former Home Secretary was given the unwanted crown by viewers of The Last Leg, the Channel 4 comedy programme hosted by Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker.

Every year since 2023, the show has got its viewers to vote for the ‘D**k of the Year’, a pretty self explanatory title.

Fans could vote by using the hashtag #d**koftheyear, along with their chosen person.

This year’s nominees were Elon Musk, Rishi Sunak, VAR, Richard Masters, Justin Timberlake and Suella Braverman.

And it was Braverman who came out on top

Any award winner needs an award ceremony to be handed their crown, and YouTubers Josh and Archie were happy to organise a surprise one for the Tory MP.

By posing as employees of made-up company Farehouse Fishing, they tricked the politician into attending a naming ceremony for a vessel on the River Wallington in Fareham.

At the ‘ceremony’, Braverman said: “John from Farehouse Fishing, it’s a real honour, real honour to be here to join your fantastic team to pay tribute to all of you for your confidence in Fareham.”

After cutting the ribbon though, the sign behind her changed to unveil the real reason she had been dragged there – to pick up her crown as 2023’s D**k of the Year.

After turning around to see the title, Braverman said: “I’m not sure what that is all about.”

Meanwhile, Josh and Archie simply walked off.

And as she walked away with her team, Braverman said: “That’s going to go viral now.”

Reacting to the prank, one person said: “Doing God’s work, the pair of you. Take a bow”

Another wrote: “Well done lads!”

And a third commented: “Hook, line and sinker.”

In a statement afterwards, the YouTubers said: “We knew Suella liked boats, and photocalls, so we hope she will forgive us for setting up this ruse which was really all about celebrating her and her award.”

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