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13th Nov 2023

Suella Braverman sacked as home secretary by Rishi Sunak

Charlie Herbert

The former home secretary had been under fire for an article she wrote in the Times

Suella Braverman has been sacked as home secretary by Rishi Sunak after a controversial weekend.

Sky News reports that this is the start of a cabinet reshuffle from the Prime Minister.

Last week, Braverman wrote an article in the Times in which she accused the Metropolitan Police of “playing favourites” with how it handles protests.

This was ahead of a huge march in London on Armistice Day which called for a ceasefire between Israel and Palestine.

The article was widely criticised by figures from both within and outside the Tory Party, who accused her of undermining public confidence in the police and labelled her comments as “offensive” and “inflammatory”.

It later emerged that Braverman had ignored edits to the article that Number 10 had suggested and had not signed off on the article.

In the article, she had also criticised what she called “pro-Palestinian mobs”, saying protest scenes were “disturbingly reminiscent” to those seen in Northern Ireland.

This came after she had described pro-Palestinian demonstrations as “hate marches.”

On Saturday, which was Armistice Day, fighting broke out as right-wing protestors tried to reach the Cenotaph in London.

Braverman had been appointed home secretary by Liz Truss in September 2022, but resigned after sending an official document from her personal email – against ministerial rules.

Just six days later though, Rishi Sunak reinstated her to the position.

Braverman’s sacking is expected to kickstart a cabinet reshuffle by the Prime Minister, which will take place throughout Monday.