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02nd Nov 2015

Snapchat responds to worries about their new privacy policy

Kevin Beirne

We raised an eyebrow recently when Snapchat updated their privacy policy.

Users pointed out that the new policy granted Snapchat permission to store and use your snaps and videos for a promotional purposes they wanted to.

This means that if Snapchat ever decided it was a good idea, they could simply start posting people’s most private selfies on their website in order to get some attention for the app.

Since then, the Snapchat have posted a blog telling everybody to calm the hell down. In it they point out the privacy policy states any snaps you send ‘are automatically deleted from our servers once we detect that they have been viewed or have expired.’

Snapchat insist they won’t be keeping it and that they only updated their terms so that they would be easier for people to understand.

They claim the parts about retaining your likeness are simply so that they can post user-submitted content to their live stories about major events around the world.

But while Snapchat don’t appear to be interested in sharing your embarrassing pics, it’s worth remembering that your mates can still take screenshots.