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06th Apr 2024

Shoppers divided as Tesco introduces 10p charge for something that used to be free

Nina McLaughlin

Customers have been left divided after certain Tesco stores introduced new charges

Tesco is one of the nation’s most beloved stores. Selling everything from teabags to TVs, the supermarket is a staple of the British highstreet.

However, some shoppers have been left fuming at the brand after they introduced new charges in certain shops.

Tesco is reportedly trialling charging customers who want to keep the hangers that come with the clothes from their F&F brand clothing.

The shop is charging people 10p if they want to keep a hold of the hangers that they sell their clothes on. However, there is the option to leave the hanger behind, in which case you obviously won’t have to pay the charge.

The supermarket explained that the move is designed to help reduce waste and use less plastic, but not everyone is happy about it.

Not all stores are affected by the move yet, but, per Metro, it isn’t known how many stores are taking part in the trial.

“So, was in Tesco today, got some swimming clothes for the kids and my wife got a dress,” one person explained about their experience on Reddit. “Went through the scan as you shop and paid, went to get the tags taken off and was told it’s 10p for a clothes hanger or they could take it for us.”

“Either someone is trying to earn some extra dosh or it’s a sneaky charge being imposed on customers,” they continued, adding that they had never come across the charge before.

Some people are really not pleased by the new charges, and took to the subreddit to share their thoughts.

“What’s next they gonna start charging for the air you breathe? 25p oxygen charge,” one person wrote.

A second said: “If this is a new thing that is actually pathetic of Tesco to do that.”

However, others could see that the charge might benefit the environment.

“Surely this is a good thing? Then only people who actually need the hanger will take it, reducing plastic waste,” another argued.

“So it doesn’t get thrown into landfill and can be reused /recycled, I’m guessing so it’s a good thing,” a second put.

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