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22nd Dec 2021

Satanic Temple mocks nativity with demon manger installation

Charlie Herbert

Satanic Temple mocks nativity with demon manger installation

For the third year, the group have put together an art display in the Illinois state capitol

The Satanic Temple has returned to the Illinois State Capitol with an art installation, this time creating a mock version of the nativity.

This year’s display features the “satanic deity” Baphomet, depicted as a swaddled babe, and was designed by Albuquerque-based horror artist Chris P. Andres.

The display has been set up next to the Christian nativity scene in the Capitol rotunda.

Sharing images of the installation on social media, the temple said: “TST invites you to our Sol Invictus tradition of displaying Baby Baphomet at the Capitol building in Springfield, IL.

“Come spread the message of harmony and unity! Hopefully, Bishop Paprocki will join our effort in spreading this message to the community.”

“This year’s tradition marks a greater urgency in the Baphomet’s message of harmony and reconciliation,” noted The Satanic Temple’s Director of Campaign Operations Erin Helian in a weekend press release.

Helian added: “This year’s display celebrates unity. In keeping with that spirit, we have invited Bishop Paprocki to hold hands with members of The Satanic Temple while we come together and stand before all of the religious displays at the rotunda.

“I am sure people of all faiths in the Springfield community will be very disappointed if Bishop Paprocki turns down this opportunity and opts to divide people – especially during the holidays.”

The group’s displays have unsurprisingly caused controversy amongst some. The head of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois, who oversaw the installation of the traditional nativity scene in the rotunda, said that satanic displays “should have no place in this Capitol or any other place.”

This is the third display that the Satanic Temple have installed at the state Capitol. In 2018, it installed “Knowledge is the Greatest Gift” which depicted the forearm of Eve from the biblical story of the Garden of Eden alongside an apple and snake.

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