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02nd Nov 2021

Salt Bae staff can’t even buy a side of broccoli with hourly wage

Charlie Herbert

Salt bae

His Nusr-Et Steakhouse is hiring chefs, but the hourly wage may be an issue.

Salt Bae is hiring chefs for his London restaurant, but those considering applying may want to think twice when they compare the wage on offer to some of the prices on the menu.

Nusret Gokce’s steakhouse in Knightsbridge is looking for a Chef de Partie to join the team at Nusr-Et Steakhouse, a role that usually involves being in charge of a particular area of production in a restaurant.

But the restaurant is offering an hourly wage of just £12 an hour. At the same time, the restaurant sells single steaks for as much as £1,450.

The vacancy on reads: “Amazing opportunity for an experienced Chef De Partie to join Nusret team in the new restaurant in London!

“As a Chef De Partie, you will be working with some of the finest ingredients from the UK and abroad in the one of the most famous steakhouses in the world.

“You will play a vital part in a large team and will support the Head Chef during service.

“To the successful candidate Nusret London offers a highly competitive salary and excellent opportunities to develop a global career.

“If you’re a Chef de Partie looking to work the famous steakhouse, send your CV, we want to hear from you!”

The hourly wage advertised might be above minimum wage but seems ridiculous when compared to some of the prices on the menu. This is a restaurant that sells gold-covered steaks for as much as £1,450, and the £12 hourly wage is less than it costs for a side of sautéed broccoli (£14) and asparagus (£18) and the same as a side of sweetcorn or mashed potato.

And if the Chef De Partie wanted a caffeine kick during their shift, well they’d be blowing almost an hour’s wages, with a can of Red Bull costing £11.

Truly ridiculous.

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