Razor blades hidden under neo-Nazi stickers at bus stop near primary school 1 month ago

Razor blades hidden under neo-Nazi stickers at bus stop near primary school

The Nazi themed stickers have popped up numerous times in the local area

Razor blades have been hidden beneath neo-Nazi themed stickers stuck to a bus stop near a primary school in Kent.


The swastika stickers were found attached to a bus stop in Dunton Green on September 22, prompting the vice principal of Dartford Technology College to warn parents about the potential danger, reports Kent Online.

"The school has received a message from Kent County Council regarding an abhorrent incident of vandalism, whereby extremist and racist stickers were attached to a bus stop that was very close to a primary school," Vice Principal Deborah Ellis said.

She continued to explain that the blades had been slipped under the stickers, which could create injury should someone attempt to remove them.

But this isn't an isolated incident.

Two other sightings of Nazi iconography were confirmed in Chatham on September 5. Then, three days later, on September 8, more stickers were found in the immediate area.

The exact nature of these other occurrences has not been revealed but Kent Police have confirmed they neither harboured razor blades nor swastikas.


"This is disturbing behaviour and while I do not want to cause people to panic, I do want to raise awareness of this issue," said Inspector Matt Atkinson from Sevenoaks' Community Safety Unit.

"Publicly promoting offensive, hate-filled notices is not acceptable in itself but adding razor blades to potentially seriously harm somebody is despicable," he said, adding that it was "sheer luck" that a child was not injured.

He has instructed people not to remove the stickers but instead inform 101 if any information arises.

But this isn't the first, nor will it probably be the last time that razor blades are linked to extremist iconography. Just last month in September it was revealed that people were sticking razor blades to the back of anti-vaxx conspiracy posters.

Last year, similar posts saying “Mass immigration is white genocide” were also discovered to be harbouring razor blades, reports the Times.


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