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05th Dec 2023

People think they’ve found out GTA 6’s release date from ‘hidden message’ in trailer

Joseph Loftus

Fans are certain they know

Late last night, fourteen hours sooner than expected, Rockstar finally dropped their highly anticipated first trailer for Grand Theft Auto Six.

Taking to X, Rockstar wrote: “Our trailer has leaked so please watch the real thing on YouTube.”

It’s said that the leaked trailer was shared a massive 24 hours before it was intended to be released officially.

The account which shared the footage was banned soon thereafter, however the damage had already been done, prompting Rockstar to take immediate action.

That being said, the leak certainly hasn’t done much to hurt Rockstar as their trailer has already broke world records for video views.

Many trailer viewers have marvelled at the game’s graphics and were delighted to see that the game is set in the familiar location of Vice City.

In the trailer we’re introduced to Lucia, who’s the first-ever female lead character in GTA history.

But while all of this seems very good and promising and exciting, one thing fans aren’t happy about is that we’ve got to wait until 2025 for the release date.

So far we don’t know for certain if it’ll be released in early 2025 or late 2025 as there has been no further confirmation, however fans think that they’ve uncovered the official release date from a cryptic message in the trailer.

15 seconds into the trailer we get a seaside view of Vice City as a plane flies across with a banner which reads: “Why Sixty Nine When You Can Nine 1 Nine.”

Many believe this is code for the release date. One person wrote: “9.19.2025 Mark My Words.”

Another said: “19.9.2025 CONFIRMED.”

A third however argued that the banner is a reference to “E11even Miami, a really famous club in Miami.”

So who knows to be honest.

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