Over 200 kilos of cocaine with Liverpool FC branding seized 7 months ago

Over 200 kilos of cocaine with Liverpool FC branding seized

The packaging is cheap imitation of the iconic Liverpool crest

A shipment of over 200 kilograms of cocaine with Liverpool FC branding - or a close approximation, at least - has been seized by authorities in Paraguay.


The images taken by authorities in the town of Pedro Juan Caballero along the Paraguayan border have been doing the rounds on social media:


The attempt at some form of Liverpool FC branding is pretty evident. Not only is the club crest clearly visible but they've even got two footballs flanking them on either side - in case you hadn't realised, they're not even on the actual badge.

At present, there are few details surrounding where exactly these packets of Class A narcotics were heading - or where they came from - but the changes to the crest do give some context.

Instead of reading "You'll Never Walk Alone", this botched badge says "Ismael Montes"; while you might think this is the moniker of some drug lord, it's actually the name of a Bolivian general and two-time president. As for "L&L", your guess is as good as ours.


Given the two South American countries border each other, it's a fair bet they were heading into or out of Bolivia - the world's third-largest producer of cocaine. As for Paraguay itself, the nation is now considered a major exporter of substances into Europe.

You can see an extended version of the footage released by Prensa Assembly below:


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