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22nd Jun 2023

Neymar issues public apology after cheating on his pregnant girlfriend

Kat O'Connor


Neymar apologised to ‘the woman of his dreams’

Neymar apologised to his partner Bruna Biancardi, who is pregnant with their first child, after cheating on ‘the woman of his dreams’.

He said he needs Bruna and their future child in his life, but knows he has made an “error”.

“I did wrong with you all.

“I risk saying I’m wrong every day, on and off the pitch. Only I solve my mistakes in my personal life at home, in my intimacy with my family and friends…”

He said his actions have hit “one of the most special people in my life”.

“Bru, I already apologized for my mistakes, for unnecessary exposure, but I feel obligated to come publicly reaffirm that. If a private matter has become public, the apology has to be public,” he wrote.

“I don’t know if we’ll work out, but TODAY you’re sure I want to try,” he continued.

“Our purpose will prevail, our love for our baby will win, and our love for each other will make us stronger,” the sportsman added.

Neymar and Bruna have been together since 2021. They didn’t make their relationship public until 2022 and confirmed they were expecting their first child together in April 2023.

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