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20th Jun 2023

Graeme Souness struggles to holds back tears after completing £1m charity swim

Callum Boyle

Graeme Souness

‘The money will never be enough’

Graeme Souness struggled to hold back tears after speaking to talkSPORT following his charity swim.

Souness was one of six people to swim across the English Channel for DEBRA UK on Sunday, raising over £1m in the process.

The 70-year-old decided to take on the challenge after meeting 14-year-old Isla Grist, who suffers from rare skin disease Epidermolysis Bullosa.

And upon his return to the talkSPORT studio to speak on the Jim White and Simon Jordan show, the Rangers legend was taken aback after learning how much he raised.

“Simon, the money will never be enough,” he said.

“You guys have witnessed what this disease is. There’s three things, we’ve earned them (Debra) money, which will enable the scientists to re-purpose the drugs.

“And then there’s been awareness which is great, because people can now get involved, want to get involved, offering to work in our shops up and down the country.

“Just contacting Debra and saying, ‘how can I get involved in this?'”

As Souness became more emotional he admitted that he realised he had been “selfish” in the past and believes his recent achievement will help to make him a better person.

He added: “It’s made me realise we’re all so selfish, I’d like to think it’s going to make me a better person, you can talk to me in six month’s time.

“But it’s made me look at things very different. I’ve always been fairly good at realising I’ve been so lucky in my life.

“This has just maybe compounded that, it’s a true wake-up call from when I was introduced to it.

“And I’m in for as long as they want me to be in it.”

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