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17th Nov 2022

NASA release breathtaking pictures of Earth after historic Artemis launch

People have been tagging flat Earthers… who still refuse to believe the truth!

NASA has released the first images taken by Artemis I after its historic launch from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

The shuttle took off at 1.47am local time (6.57am GMT) on Wednesday and has since covered tens of thousands of miles in space as it prepares to travel around the moon.

To capture the incredible adventure, the rocket has been equipped with 24 cameras on the rocket and spacecraft to document the journey.

There are eight cameras on the SLS and a further16 on the Orion.

The cameras will capture and collect incredible images and data that will give will give NASA experts an exciting insight into the Moon.

Early images from its mission were broadcast shortly after the launch, with subsequent footage showing earth in ways not seen since the final Apollo missions.

A person on Twitter said: “Looks like we’re finally launching tonight. Can’t wait to see some beautiful photos of earth from the moon in the morning!!! Tomorrow provides more proof against moon landing and flat-earth conspirators.”

Another globalist added: OK #flatearth people. This is a picture of Earth taken THIS MORNING @ approximately 11:30 am EST by the Artemis 1/Orion mission to The Moon. Oh, and no, it’s not at a sound stage in Hollywood.”

However, the clip has already been branded as a ‘fake’ by some naysayers.

One user said: “Great footage, needs a wider angled lens to get both corners in the frame.”

Another added: “The earth is a flat dome. The proof is in this video.”

A third said: “Modern special FX are quite something. Good show, not believable though.”

We give up!

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