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16th Aug 2015

‘Minion Fart Blaster’ triggers airport security confiscation


Minions causing all sorts of trouble again.

Airport security is a very serious business and for a very good reason, yet there was an incident in Dublin Airport that managed to raise a few eyebrows.

A toddler attempting to board a plane with something called a Minion Fart Blaster – it does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin as well as, apparently, emitting a banana-flavoured scent – had it confiscated from them by airport security, who deemed it a security threat.

The child’s father, Daire Fitzpatrick, explained on Facebook that security confiscated the toy because of its ‘trigger mechanism’ but was understandably unhappy about it, as was his son, Leo.

Following a tweet from a friend of Daire’s, Paula Morrin, Dublin Airport said that they should take up the issue with the Dublin Airport Authority when they return, but the toy will be held in safekeeping for Leo to pick up again when they come back to the airport.