Man who offered to do housework for the first time falls down stairs and breaks leg 7 months ago

Man who offered to do housework for the first time falls down stairs and breaks leg

It takes true commitment to get out of housework this way

If you've ever wondered why men don't do housework, then continue reading as this fiance broke two bones after doing house 'for the first time'.


In August this year, Bethan Lewis Watling, 24, discovered her partner, 26, at the bottom of the stairs after he 'reluctantly' attempted to hoover upstairs.

Bethan initially thought he was trying to get out of the housework/Via SWNS

At first, Bethan thought her partner was trying to "get out of the cleaning" when he called for her assistance.

She said: "He had a bit of a moan about hoovering but manged to make him do some.

"Then I heard a massive crash and thought he'd fallen through the ceiling.

"When I found him in a pile at the bottom of the stairs, he was tangled in the hoover cord and couldn't walk."


Eventually, Bethan called an ambulance but paramedics were unable to manoeuvre Nathan due to his injury. Naturally, they were forced to phone the fire department for assistance.

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They were reportedly very close to removing the couple's window completely but eventually managed to carry Nathan out of the front door strapped to a board.


"They nearly took the window off," Bethan said.

After an x-ray at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital, Wales, it was revealed that Nathan had broken both his tibia and fibula.

Nathan definitely managed to avoid doing the housework as he was bed-bound for four weeks and wore a cast for six weeks in total.

Bethan, from Rhondda, Wales, said: "At first I didn't believe him - I thought he was pulling a fast one.

"Looking back, it's quite hilarious really.

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"I even warned him about being careful around the vacuum cord in case he tripped.

"He's completely recovered now and doing fine.

"It hasn't got him out of doing the housework though."

Ambulance Nathan was eventually removed from his house/VIA SWNS

Three months later, Nathan is fighting fit but tends to stick to washing up as, according to Bethan, "He's good at washing dishes".

"Bethan had a list ready for me when I had to the all-clear!" Nathan confirms.

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