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21st Nov 2021

Liverpool bomb: hero taxi driver says it’s a ‘miracle I’m alive’

Danny Jones

Hero taxi driver says it's a 'miracle' he's still alive

This is the first we’ve heard from the hero since the incident

David Perry, the hero taxi driver who thwarted the Liverpool bomb attack outside a women’s hospital earlier this month, has broken his silence following the incident, calling it a “miracle” that he’s still alive.

Speaking to the BBC for the first time, Perry began by thanking the general publ for “all your get-well wishes and for your amazing generosity”, before adding: “I feel like it’s a miracle that I’m alive and so thankful that no one else was injured in such an evil act.”


Perry went on to say, “I now need time to try to come to terms with what’s happened and focus on my recovery both mentally and physically.”

The quick-thinking, hero taxi driver managed to lock the attacker – who died following the explosion – inside the car as he escaped to safety, preventing the explosive device from reaching its intended target: Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

Perry was also keen to give “special thanks” to the staff at the hospital itself, as well as Aintree Hospital, Merseyside Police and Counter Terrorism Policing, “who have all been amazing”.

As for the now-deceased culprit, Swealmeen was reported to have lived in various countries in the Middle East before moving to the UK and converting to Christianity. He also understood to have had a history of mental illness.
The UK’s terror threat level has since been raised to “severe” following the attack with this being the second terrorist incident in the space of a month. This means that the possibility of another terrorist incident occurring is now considered “highly likely” by the UK government and security officials.

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