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27th Feb 2024

Kellogg’s CEO who earns £4m a year tells poor people to ‘eat cornflakes for dinner’

Joseph Loftus

“It’s a good place to go.”

The CEO of Kelloggs has suggested that poor people should eat cornflakes for dinner to save money.

Gary Pilnick, who’s worked with the company since 2000 and became CEO in October, accepted that people in the US were under financial strain due to inflation sending grocery prices soaring.

However instead of delivering some tips on how to save money, Pilnick suggested that people should consume more cereal at any time of the day or night.

Pilnick, who earns around $5 million a year, said: “If you think about the cost of cereal for a family versus what they might otherwise do, that’s going to be much more affordable.”

Pilnick also claimed that it could help a “consumer under pressure” as the price of a bowl of cereal is “less than a dollar”.

He added: “In general, the cereal category is a place that a lot of folks might come to because the price of a bowl of cereal with milk and with fruit is less than a dollar. So you can imagine why a consumer under pressure might find that to be a good place to go.”

Naturally a lot of people were really unhappy with his comments.

One person wrote: “Greedflation is forcing families to make choices like eating cereal for dinner to save money. Kellogg’s CEO is bragging about it while they show the huge climb in corporate profits that helped create the problem in the first place. F*** this sh*t.”

Another wrote: “Meanwhile, he’s eating at 5 star restaurants every night and when he isn’t, his personal chef cooks him dinner. Absolutely disgusting. Eat. The. Rich.”

A third commented: “‘Wasn’t it Marie Antoinette who said, when advised that the peasants in France were starving to death, ‘Well, then, let them eat cereal’? We all know how that turned out.”

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