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19th Feb 2024

Woman perfectly spells out why the UK is a joke for young people

Charlie Herbert

Woman perfectly spells out why the UK is a joke for young people

‘It’s halfway through the month and I’ve got a fiver in my account’

If you’re a young person living in the UK at the moment, things probably feel pretty grim.

Owning a house is a pipe dream, you’re probably paying extortionate rent, the prices of pretty much everything remain sky high, taxes are at record levels, and no one seems too fussed about dealing with the climate catastrophe facing the world.

But instead of trying to address these issues, the current government seem more interested in culture wars than the economy.

The latest episode of PoliticsJOE’s Extreme Britain series asked people in Brighton, the gay capital of the country, how they felt about things in the UK right now.

Along with several voicing their fears about homophobia and trans rights at the moment, one woman perfectly explained why things were becoming “more and more untenable in terms of just surviving” for young people.

She said: “I mean, financially, it’s kind of getting horrendous, it’s a bit of a joke really.

“We’re paying so much money in tax. I live alone, I pay £1,200 in rent on my own. I have a full time job and a part time job to survive, I’ve got two degrees and I think for young people, everyone is becoming quite disillusioned with the fact that we all work our arses off but we’ve got nothing to show for anymore.”

The Brighton local went on to say why living in the area was a struggle, because it’s “just as expensive as London” but wages don’t have the same “London weighting.”

She explained that this means “a lot of us live paycheck to paycheck.”

“I certainly do,” she continued. “It’s halfway through the month and I’ve got a fiver in my account. So it’s sad for young people who are working ou arses off, particularly people who have graduated from uni her and done all the degrees.”

She finished by saying “Tory rule has got a lot to answer for.”

You can watch the full episode of ‘Extreme Britain: Fear, homophobia, and trans rights in the gayest place in the UK’ below or by clicking here.

You can also find all previous episodes of Extreme Britain here.

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