Johnny Depp's lawyer Camille Vasquez annoys fans amid rumours she may defend David Dobrik 1 month ago

Johnny Depp's lawyer Camille Vasquez annoys fans amid rumours she may defend David Dobrik

Dobrik is being sued by a former mate for $10m

Johnny Depp's lawyer has caused a stir among her new fanbase after rumours started circulating that she may defend David Dobrik.


The YouTuber is being sued for $10m by his former friend, Jeff Wittek, after a stunt went wrong in 2020 leaving him an "inch from death" with "life-long brain injuries."

In a resurfaced clip from May 28, Camille Vasquez can be seen exiting a hotel in Fairfax, Virginia, before heading towards a car where she greets fellow lawyer, Benjamin Chew, who helped her win Depp $10m in damages from his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

"I had a great talk with David Dobrik," Chew tells Vasquez, to which she replies, "oh good."



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The mere mention of Dobrik's name has led some social media users to jump to the conclusion the pair could represent him.

Neither lawyer has responded to the rumor, and the TikTok has since been removed.


In the comments section on Instagram where the video has re-appeared, one Vasquez fan wrote: "I hope she turns him down."

"Dobrik needs to take accountability for what he did," another added.


Dobrik, who boasts 18.2m followers on YouTube and a further 12m on Instagram, started making content in 2013. But in recent years, the Los Angeles local and his wider "Vlog squad" have been hit with allegations including bullying, sexual assault, racism, ableism, and stealing the content from other creators.

A full list of accusations can be seen here, courtesy of Vulture.

Wittek is suing Dobrick over a stunt that went wrong in Utah. Dobrick was allegedly operating an excavator in a lake while his pals swung from the machine with a rope while riding various objects - including wakeboards.

Wittek was left with a broken foot and hip while tearing a ligament in his leg. He also shattered his skull in nine places and nearly lost his eye.


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Wittek is suing Dobrik for general negligence and intentional tort to cover loss of wages and hospital bills from the incident in June 2020, according to a report by TMZ.

Leaked footage of the incident shows Wittek crashing into the crane and landing into the water at Utah Lake in Provo, with his pals in the background shouting, “call the ambulance.”

The Depp case made Vasquez both in the legal profession and outside the courtroom. She was made a partner at the law firm Brown Rudnick and was this week dubbed "Wonder Woman" after assisting with a medical emergency while in mid-flight.

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