Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez will defend him a second time in court 2 months ago

Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez will defend him a second time in court

Once more around the block

Reports are claiming that US lawyer Camille Vasquez will defend Johnny Depp again following the actor's high-profile defamation case, as the actor is due to take the stand for a second time over allegations of assault on a movie set.


While the claims that he physically and sexually abused his ex-wife Amber Heard may have been dismissed, for now, the 59-year-old is also accused of having assaulted a member of the crew on his 2018 crime drama, City of Lies.

Johnny Depp City of Lies lawsuit Credit: Saban Films/Getty - Depp in City of Lies and lawyer Vasquez

Location manager Greg “Rocky” Brooks says that Depp punched him twice in the rib cage while on set in 2017 and proceeded to “inflict emotional distress” by taunting him and even offering him $100,000 to have him punch him back in the face.

Brooks says he was eventually sacked from the project after he refused to sign papers which promised he wouldn't sue and while the trial was ultimately delayed, Entertainment Tonight reported that the case will be heading to court and now-household name Vasquez will be representing the Pirates of the Caribbean star for the second time this year.

The 37-year-old attorney's case for her defendant will reportedly be built around a key testimony from eyewitness Emma Danoff, the script supervisor who has already provided a sworn declaration that she witnessed something very different.

Danoff insists that Depp only reacted after Brooks hurled “racial and derogatory” slurs at a homeless Black woman, at which point the actor "immediately stood up from our shared seat... and went over to Brooks to stand up for the woman”


As you can see, Danoff claims that Depp chastised the crew member: "You can’t talk to her like that. You think she is something less than you? Who do you think you are? How dare you?"

She also went on to argue in her declaration that no punches were thrown and nor was any offer of $100,000 made, adding that she will be able to present photos to prove it. Speaking on a podcast recently, director Brad Furman also went on to insist that they could provide 40 different time-stamped from the set proving no assault took place.


The case is set to begin on July 25.

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