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03rd Dec 2021

IKEA customers sleep in store showroom after being snowed in

Danny Jones

Danish customer snowed in for IKEA sleepover

To be honest, ‘The Big IKEA Sleepover’ is a marketing campaign just waiting to be snapped up

A group of IKEA customers and members of staff were trapped inside a location in Denmark during an intense snowstorm overnight and, as such, the store had to hold a big sleepover. Not going to lie, we are immensely jealous.

As reported in multiple outlets, up to 30cm (12in) of snow fell in the city of Aalborg on Thursday and while more than 300 people had to spend the night in the airport, at least 25 staff and customers inside the store were also unable to go home.

However, rather than let the inconvenience get to them, everyone decided to make the most of it and turned the showroom into their home for the night.

People of all different ages turned in for a night they will certainly never forget.

Watching telly and IKEA meatballs in a brand new bed – sounds like heaven to us. That’s right, not only did they get free board for the night but the snowed-in shoppers got to enjoy some of the same creature comforts they’d be enjoying at home.

They even got a lullaby from the lovely Peter: one of many staff members who slept in the store too, wishing them all a goodnight like the de facto father of the inaugural ‘Big IKEA Sleepover’.

This isn’t the only location that has had to play host to customers due to recent winter conditions: last weekend more than 60 people were snowed inside a pub in Yorkshire.

Most had turned up to watch an Oasis tribute band last Friday and ended up spending more than three days with staff and fellow punters. Luckily, like this group of Danes, they made the most of it too, as music, food and beer flowed – there’s even talk of them starting an annual reunion.

A number of places across the UK have been issued with weather warnings as more snow and ice is set to sweep across the country over the coming days. Storm Arwen may have passed but winter is just getting started.

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