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29th Nov 2021

Oasis tribute band and more than 50 punters trapped in Britain’s highest pub

Danny Jones

Punters snowed in with Oasis tribute band

Some might say they were trapped behind a winter wonderwall — wahey, two for one

An Oasis tribute band and more than 50 punters have been trapped inside a pub in Yorkshire after this weekend’s wintery conditions saw them snowed in for three days. There are far too many Oasis puns running through our heads right now…

Around 5o customers were left trapped inside The Tan Inn, located in Richmond among the Yorkshire Dales and also known as the highest pub in Britain – as Storm Arwen hit the UK this past Friday November 26.

Many had travelled to watch tribute band ‘Noasis’ perform at the pub but by 9pm, it was clear that neither they, the band, nor the staff would be going anywhere following the gig. We’ve heard of Irish lock-ins but not quite like this.

With the snow packed right up against the front door, it took some time before anyone could tunnel their way out onto the drive of the bed and breakfast, where many had already booked in for an overnight stay – they just didn’t expect for it to turn out like this:

The intense conditions saw the public house hit with as much five feet of snow and by Saturday morning, the pub was effectively buried under the blustery blanket, with vehicles effectively frozen in place and the roads too treacherous to traverse as a result of the relentless snowdrifts.

There’s nothing quite like good old fashioned British spirit though – and in the face of a long night and adversity ahead, they settled in for their first night, with staff gathering together blankets, duvets and pretty much anything to make makeshift beds.

Tan Hill Inn sleeping arrangements

Between the pub staff, the Oasis tribute band and the punters themselves, the Tan Hill Inn has played host to 61 people for three nights now – quite the weekend for a local B&B.

As you can see down below, not only did they make room for everyone to say the night but they also did their best to make sure everyone felt welcome and well-fed, putting on a feast to tide everyone over for the foreseeable.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, general manager Nicola Townsend explained how the pub and its punters had been expecting some snow but that nothing forecast could have prepared them for what they actually got.

Here you can see footage of how they ended up caught beneath the landslide – sorry, last one, promise:

Nevertheless, it would seem everyone kept in good spirits and even aside from the live music, the Yorkshire Post reported that Nicola said one lad told her “I don’t want to leave”.

As you can see below, not only have these fine folk made the best out of a bad situation but it would seem they have forged a real friendship. This is a story they’ll be sure to tell this Christmas and to their children for years to come.

The Guardian is reporting that those who have been hibernating in the pub could be there for another night, as locals await information as to whether the roads – which are being gradually cleared by snowploughs – will be safe enough to drive on.

Regardless, we don’t think they’ll mind another night at this point: there’s already talk of a reunion to commemorate it next year – if there’s cheer, tunes and plenty of booze, sign us up!

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