Homeless man left in tears over gift after 'McDonald's staff pour drink on him' 9 months ago

Homeless man left in tears over gift after 'McDonald's staff pour drink on him'

Les was reduced to tears following her gesture

The homeless man who allegedly had Coca-Cola poured on him by a McDonald's employee has been reduced to tears thanks to the generosity of one very generous woman.


Beth from Wallasey started a fundraiser to help Les. Locals often describe him as a 'kind' and 'loving' man and can usually be seen sitting outside the McDonald's at Rock Retail Park By Green Lane in Birkenhead.

Les hit the headlines last month when an employee allegedly poured two cups of Coke over him. A passer-by, 53-year-old Tracy, was kind enough to get him new clothes which a charity shop manager kindly gave her for free.

Beth bought Les lunch on October 11, where she gave him the first bit of money to 'tide him over'.


"He literally was just blown away. He couldn't be more grateful. Even something so low as £40 meant so much to him," she told the Liverpool Echo.

"He hugged me, he shook my partner's hand, he even shook my daughter's hand."

She said that his voice became croaky, and he started tearing up before saying, "I'm going to have to stop, I'm going to start crying".

Beth also explained her reasoning for helping Les, saying she would often speak with him when she walked past the McDonald's branch.


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