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06th Oct 2021

Everything you missed from Boris Johnson’s Conference speech

Ava Evans


The Prime Minister has been speaking at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester

It’s the final day of the Tory party conference in Manchester. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been speaking early this afternoon, setting out his vision for the year ahead.

If you didn’t catch it, here’s what you missed:

Priti’s Police and Crime Bill will send protestors to prison 

The Home Secretary has been working on new legislation that will make it easier to criminalise protestors. “You know those people gluing themselves to roads?” Johnson said, “I don’t call them legitimate protesters, I call them a confounded nuisance.

“I’m glad Priti is taking new powers to insulate them snugly in prison where they belong”


Get back into the office 

“We will and must-see people back in the office” he told Tory conference attendees. 

On Tuesday (October 5) he also told LBC that young people must get back to the office “or risk being gossiped about”. Asked whether all of his staff had returned to their desks, he replied, “no”. Lol 

We are heading for an ‘Economic Revival’

Boris Johnson said the UK is seeing a post-Brexit “economic revival”, urging businesses to invest more in staff and infrastructure. 

Rising food prices, empty supermarket shelves, and a petrol crisis are, of course, the hallmarks of “economic revival” – obviously.

Young people are buying homes with the Conservative’s 95 per cent mortgage scheme

Are we?

Thatcher would have backed his tax hike

Johnson said Margaret Thatcher would have backed his manifesto-breaking tax hike. Apparently she “wouldn’t have ignored the meteorite that has just crashed through our economy”.

From April 2022, people earning over £9,564 a year, will pay an extra 1.25 percentage points in National Insurance. On average, those earning an annual salary of £30,000 will pay an extra £255 per year 

Controversially, the tax hike will set recent graduates up with a basic tax rate of nearly 50 per cent on additional pay. Those at the bottom, will be paying to support the top.

The Conservatives catapulted Corbyn out of politics 

Opening his speech with a jibe at the former Labour leader, Johnson said the Tories catapulted the “corduroy, communist, cosmonaut back into orbit” after the last election.

Johnson also had a few terms of endearment for the current opposition leader, Sir Keir Starmer. He called him “the Starmer Chameleon”, “a seriously rattled bus conductor” and “the captain of a boat that has been captured by Somali pirates”.

The Afghanistan withdrawal was a success

The prime minister said that no other country could have pulled off the Kabul airlift. Meanwhile, an Afghan interpreter left behind says that working with the British army was the “biggest mistake of his life.”

The football made Johnson proud to be British

Boris Johnson evoking the “spirit” of the England team at the Euros was something that makes Britain great.

The same England team that his government said fans could boo.

Labour voters are lawyers who live in Islington

It was in fact Boris Johnson who had the large house in Islington, and whose wife was a lawyer

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