Gran, 82, and husband half her age say 'love conquers all' as he finally arrives in UK 5 months ago

Gran, 82, and husband half her age say 'love conquers all' as he finally arrives in UK

82-year-old gran Iris first appeared on This Morning earlier this year - but this time she returned with her husband

Pensioner and gran Iris Jones appeared on This Morning on earlier today alongside her husband Mohamed Ibriham to discuss their relationship. The reason they're unique? Iris is 82 but Mohamed is just 36.


Jones actually first appeared on the show to chat to Phil and Holly earlier this year - but this time she had her husband alongside her.

Ibriham had been unable to travel to the UK before November this year but finally was able to reunite with Jones earlier this month.

Jones admitted that during lockdown and whilst Ibriham was dealing with visa issues, she wasn't sure whether they would be together again.


She explained: "[I'm] living day to day. Living on a knife edge, really, you know. Just talking, messaging morning, noon and night, that got boring. I thought, ‘When is he going to come over?'."

She revealed that when she learned her husband could finally travel to the UK, she "couldn't stop crying."

Jones continued: "[I was] in Tesco, doing my shopping, in the fruit and veg aisle. Tears just poured down, I couldn’t stop crying. One of the assistants said, ‘are you alright?’ And I said, 'Yes, I’m just very, very happy'."

Ibriham added: "I am feeling in the sky. ‘Iris!’ I was screaming in the street in Cairo. Some people think I’m mad, crazy. My wife, we’ll be together at last!"


However Ibriham admitted that he felt pressure once he was in the UK because of the criticism he and his wife had received over their relationship, along with people questioning his motives for being with Jones.

He explained he was actually a "rich man", with a "bungalow on Cairo."


His wife's answer was simple though: "Love conquers all. We’re going through problems now because Mohamed is adjusting to life in the west and I’m adjusting to having a man around the place.

"He is very, very tidy now, he hasn’t dropped anything on the floor, he asks if I want a cup of tea."

The pair are planning on spending Christmas together, with Ibriham saying Jones's family had been very supportive and thanking "all the people around the world who support us."

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